20 April 2010

Conference Week - What Others Are Saying

There is so much going on in Salt Lake City during the NGS Conference, I couldn't begin to even tell you all about it. So lucky for you there are some great geneabloggers who can give you loads of different information:

The Ancestry Insider -
Conference Week on a Budget - The title of this post says it all.

Janet Hovorka -
The Chart Chick - Has a series of fantastic posts all about Salt Lake City.

Michelle Goodrum -
The Turning of Generations - Shares her packing list for the conference.

Renee Zamora -
Renee's Genealogy Blog - Information on activities for Family History Consultants.

Musings of MidwestAncesTree - Has a game plan for her trip to Salt Lake City.

A.C. Ivory -
Find My Ancestor - Tells us about the event "A Celebration of Family History."

Dick Eastman offers up a most interesting
podcast interview with David Rencher who is the Chief Genealogical Officer at FamilySearch. David talks about the number of attendees expected, the exhibits, the presentations, the Thursday evening events, the keynote speeches, and especially about the GENTECH events.

Of course, for all the details, the
2010 NGS Conference has its very own blog. Here you can read all about the scheduled speakers, special events and registration information.

Knowledge is power. Educating yourself before you arrive will ensure a stress-free experience.

Ruth Himan over at Genealogy is Ruthless Without Me must have been reading my mind. As soon as I posted this, she posted hers. Please don't miss Ruth's take on conference-going.

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