03 April 2010

Comments Left On Germans From Russia

Awhile back I wrote a little article about my German-Russian heritage. I was pleasantly surprised at the interest in Germans from Russia and even more amazed that a few of the people who left comments were actually from Munjor, Kansas!

I want to discuss this topic further and follow up with those who left comments but I have no way to reach them. Please contact me either through this blog or email - sherifenley@gmail.com

Joanne Gartner - left a comment that she actually grew up in Munjor, Kansas and said that her dad had loads of stuff on the town and of genealogical interest and would LOVE TO SHARE. Joanne - don't leave me drooling and twisting in the wind!

YoungSmith - also left a comment that she was from Munjor . I mean what are the odds - the population is only about 10 people. Youngsmith - come back and talk to me!

Joanna from San Francisco - her people are Lutherans but are from the Saratov region.

Don't make me have to get all "Mother Superior" on you people!

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