04 April 2010

The Best Monday Ever! Part Uno

Mondays are known to be synonymous with the likes of Bad Hair Days. But not this Monday. I feel like my Fairy Godmother has rocked my wish list!

Yes, it is unseasonably cold and rainy today but I am sharing the day with a couple of people who I admire, respect and am in such awe of all their accomplishments.

Becky Wiseman, author of
Kinexxions, will be here shortly to pick me up and then we are taking a short drive North to Sacramento to have lunch with the one of the most charming men I know - Craig Manson. Craig is the author of GeneaBlogie as well as a fellow columnist for Shades - The Magazine.

Becky is the Geneablogger from Indiana who has been traveling all over the United States and sharing her trip with us through her stunning photography which she posts regularly on her blog.

Craig is (amongst a whole lot of other things) a Distinguished Professor and Lecturer in Law at the Capital Center for Public Law and Policy at the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento. Don't let the fancy title and words fool you, stuffy this man is NOT!

When I return, I promise photos and details of the day.


  1. Can't wait to hear about your day! Have fun!

  2. How fun! I love Becky's blog and her beautiful photography. Someday I'd like to do what she is doing.

  3. Have a wonderful time!
    Also, thanks to your posting I'm feeling a karmic connection. I clicked onto Becky's blog and came across the link she has to the Ball Family, and it has given me an idea for a 'Ball' I'm looking for. Thank You. Thank You. Cheers! Jennifer

  4. Sounds great! I want pictures! :-)