29 August 2009

Saturday Night Fun and Whinefest

SNGF over at GeneaMusings is a quickie this week. Probably because our Host with the Most, Randy Seaver, is on vacation and by now, schmoozing with other Geneabloggers in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Yes that's right, I am missing yet another mega genealogical conference of the year:

FGS 2009 Annual Conference: Passages Through Time
Little Rock Statehouse Convention Center
Little Rock, Arkansas, September 2-5, 2009

The conference hotel is the world famous Peabody Hotel. Go ahead, ask me . . . "What are they famous for?"

But hey, I am having so much more fun sitting here on a Saturday night ready to participate in the SNGF exercise of the week.

Which of your ancestors have you actually met? Randy says that even if we were too young to remember , it still counts. We are to name that ancestor and state where they were living at the time. My list is unfortunately very short.

My paternal grandparents Edmund Beffort and Myrtle Borgstadter. They were living in Salina, Kansas. Yes, that's me - a petite flower - sitting on my grandfather's lap and the little fat kid my grandmother is holding is the first of my many younger brothers.

Next we have my maternal side - a four generation ladies only grouping. From left to right: Mummy Dahling, the petite flower , My Great Grandmummy Dahling Hazel Berry Harris and my Grandmummy Dahling Maryellen Harris Skillman. I never met Hazel's husband, my great grandfather Hillary T. Harris. He passed away the day I was born.

This photo is a re-run from a previous post. My grandfather Darrell K. Skillman and me.

My Skillman grandparents and my great grandmother Harris were all living in Garnett, Kansas.

And finally me and my great uncle Pinocchio in Anaheim, California


  1. Don't fret, Sheri -- I'll let everyone at FGS know about your great-uncle ;-)~~


  2. La petite fleur still blooms (G).