14 August 2009

A New Image For Me?

Among some of the different hats I wear for different genealogical organizations one of the most difficult is for my local society. I am the editor for the San Joaquin Genealogical Society's newsletter. Going on two years now and I gotta tell you it is frustrating at times. For instance - I introduced a new column called "Ask Ms. Genie" in hopes of some reader participation. My friend Suz says that I am not promoting it properly.

So I sat down at took a good look at it. The photo I use in the header is this:

I have decided that perhaps a more personal approach might be the ticket so I will use this photo of me instead:

The next issue comes out in a couple of weeks and I will be sure to let you know how this goes over with the members.

ps. I am pointing at my navel because the jewel I had in there fell out, not because I am hungry. Maybe I should crop that part out.


  1. That'll get everyone's attention! Good idea.

  2. Barbara Eden, eat your heart out!

  3. I absolutely adore you Bill West !

  4. I love the avatar! OK, now add a link to the belly dance and you'll get a whole bunch of new members...maybe?

    Is your newsletter available online? Have you taken a survey of member interests? What do the members want to read about?

    You could probably get some of your blogging friends to allow you to publish some of their posts in your newsletter. Eastman lets newsletters reprint his work with attribution, as does Rootsweb Review and several others.

  5. OMG I go away for ten days and look what you get up to. I expect some society members will say forget the genealogy and make it an exotic dance column.