01 August 2009

Saturday Night at Seaver's Place

Well it is Saturday night and you know what that means . . . .I finally find myself ready, willing and able to play along with the fun and games over at Genea-Musings. It's Saturday Night Fun over at Randy Seaver's place.

Here is the game o'the week -

Over on Facebook, some people have been posting their "3s of Me" with information about themselves providing three responses in different categories like "Three names I go by," "Three jobs I've had," "Three favorite drinks," etc. You get the idea. So here is your assignment, if you decide to accept it (this is not Mission Impossible, of course):

Tell us your three responses to the questions:

Three genealogical libraries I frequent

1. California State Library - both the Sutro in San Francisco and the California History Room in Sacramento

2. Western Jewish History Archives at the Judah Magnes Museum in Berkeley

3. Here in Stockton, there are a couple - Special Collections at the University of the Pacific, the library holdings of San Joaquin Genealogical Society which are housed in the Stockton Public Library and the San Joaquin Historical Society Library.

Three places I've visited on genealogy trips

1. North Carolina
2. South Carolina
3. Alabama

Three genealogy societies I belong to (or want to)

1. The National Genealogical Society
2. The California Genealogical Society
3. The San Joaquin Genealogical Society

Three websites that help my research
1. Ancestry.com
2. Genealogybank.com
3. Footnote.com

Three ancestral graves that I've visited

My 7th great grandfather - John Teeter Beam, Cleveland County, North Carolina

My 8th great grandparents - Peter Heyl/Hoyle and Catherine Dales, Lincoln County, North Carolina

My 4th great grandparents Peter Bess and Sarah Beam, Lincoln County, North Carolina

Three ancestral places I want to visit

1. KANSAS : The following counties = Allen * Bourbon * Neosho * Elk * Wilson * Ottawa * Saline * Marshall * Lincoln * Ellis

2. INDIANA : St. Mary of the Woods, Vigo County

3. KENTUCKY : Bourbon County

Three brickwall ancestors I want to research more

1. Pauline Sheern/Sharon aka Helen Hunt
2. My 3rd great grandparents - Daniel Delaney and Ellen Collins
3. My 2nd great grandfather - Fred Borgstadter

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