02 September 2009

Follow Up To My New Image

So this morning I have my very first speaking gig. At 7:00 am - yes in the morning. I should get some kind of award for even being awake at 7:00 in the morning.

Anydoodle, after much anguish over what in the hell am I going to talk about (They asked me to just talk about genealogy) I decide to give them "The Problem With Pauline." I am thinking it is an interesting and entertaining story and it would dazzle them with my brilliant research.

When I finish my presentation and open the floor to questions, the very first one I am asked is:

"What is the significance of you wearing the genie costume?"

I replied, in my best educated and scholarly voice, "Because I am a genie-ologist, I am a barrel of laughs and well because someone had to do it."

I am thinking that perhaps the lecture circuit is not ready for me.

UPDATE: It appears that many of you thought I wore the genie outfit to the speaking gig. No, no I was dressed as a normal human being (it was 7 am for crying out loud!). The lady asking the question was referring to the photo I use for my profile that I recently changed. So now perhaps you see why I was disappointed that after my brilliant presentation the first question I am asked is about the photo of me in a genie costume. Sigh.


  1. I was sending good thoughts your way at 9am CDT here in Chicago since I knew you were slated to speak at 7AM PDT - who's idea was that?

  2. *snort!" Yes, you are a barrel of laughs, I'll give you that! The lecture circuit needs you! Really! Trust me...

  3. LOL... I love it! Will look forward to reading more of your blog... Thanks so much for following my blog (Ancestor Soup).

  4. What a coincidence! I have my first speaking engagement at the local branch of the national gen society next Monday afternoon. I'm talking about old photos,of course, and compiling the words and slideshow has taken me the best part of a week. I hope I get some more perspicacious questions than asking about my new profile photo (which, by the way, was made for me by eldest daughter for Father's day!) Regards, Brett