25 January 2009

The Sunday Funnies

I am now a firm believer in the old adage of "Things coming back to haunt you!"

Can you guess which one of these cheerleaders is me?

HINT: We are lined up in the exact same order in both photos.
I am wearing black & white saddle shoes.
I am not a "G", "R", "I", "Z", "E" or "S"
Ok you can have your laughs but being a cheerleader meant that you did not have to take a P.E. class!
Seriously though - These are historic photographs. California High School in San Ramon, California was brand new, opening it's doors for the first time for the 1974-75 school year. It did not even have a senior class, 11th grade was the highest level that first year. Our cheerleader squad was the first Cal High ever had! Our class set precedences for everything from extra-curricular activities to setting traditions. I hope to visit some day to see if the students life is any different than when I was there.
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