25 January 2009

The Sunday Funnies

I am now a firm believer in the old adage of "Things coming back to haunt you!"

Can you guess which one of these cheerleaders is me?

HINT: We are lined up in the exact same order in both photos.
I am wearing black & white saddle shoes.
I am not a "G", "R", "I", "Z", "E" or "S"
Ok you can have your laughs but being a cheerleader meant that you did not have to take a P.E. class!
Seriously though - These are historic photographs. California High School in San Ramon, California was brand new, opening it's doors for the first time for the 1974-75 school year. It did not even have a senior class, 11th grade was the highest level that first year. Our cheerleader squad was the first Cal High ever had! Our class set precedences for everything from extra-curricular activities to setting traditions. I hope to visit some day to see if the students life is any different than when I was there.


  1. When you visit, let us know what you find out. I'll bet the student's life there is quite different than those of today.

  2. Thanks for helping us out with the letters...

    Pretty and cute. Leggy. Great combination.

    Yep - history - have your kids seen these? :)

  3. Thanks, Becky I will dutifully report on this when ever I get the courage to attend one of the reunions!

    As for you Seaver, yes my sons have seen these and they are mortified. Exactly the reaction I was going for. However, this is nothing new to them, my public displays of lunacy. They are constantly telling me to grow up! LOL

  4. Did you scan these from your yearbook and why haven't I seen them before?