25 January 2009

Whatever Shall I Wear Today?

The 10th Edition of Smile for the Camera is Costume.

No, not as in Halloween. Costume as in dress in general; especially the distinctive style of dress of a people, class, or period. Show that picture that you found with your family collection or purchased that shows the costumes of the rich to the not so rich, from the civil war to the psychedelic sixties.

Deadline for submission is midnight (PT)10 February 2009

Carnival will be posted - 15 February 2009

There are two options:
1. Send an email to the host, footnoteMaven.
Include the title and permalink URL of the post you are submitting, your name, and the name of your blog. Put 'Smile For The Camera' clearly in the title of your email!
2. Use the handy submission form provided by Blog Carnival

See you at the Carnival!

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