31 January 2009

Seaver's Saturday Night Fun

It time for Saturday Night Fun at Seaver's Place - Genea-Musings

To play along this week, follow these instructions:

1) Go to your My Pictures folder (or the equivalent) and pick out the 6th item in that folder. Then pick out the 6th item in that folder, and so forth, until you get to an actual picture.

2) Post that picture to your blog with an explanation of what the picture depicts, including place and date.

Damn, I was saving this picture for just the right article, something along the lines of "It Ain't Over Til The Fat Lady Sings" kind of theme. I may walk on a very thin line, right on the edge at times, however - I ALWAYS play by the rules. This was the 6th item in the 6th folder.

It's still early, only 9:00 PM California time. I think I will head on out to the grocery store and check out the frozen food section - Cha - Cha - Cha!


  1. Ah, so much better than a naked baby pic!

    What else is in that folder? The mind wanders, er, reels, er, imagines...

    Good one! Best of! So far, anyway.

  2. Agree with Randy but want to add, how many darn photo folders do you have on your hard drive? And the manager of the frozen food section has a red alert for you.

  3. How many photo folders do I have? Let's see...one for my Graveyard Rabbits, one for this blog, one for DAR, one for San Joaquin Gen. Soc., one for family photos, one for ancestor photos.....What? you don't have your files organized on your computer? I know exactly where everything is this way. I really should transfer alot of this to some disks but I do so like to have them a keystroke away.

    And then there are my video folders and files....LOL