19 December 2009

My Quest To Establish A New Christmas Family Tradition - 2nd Attempt

Last year I tried to bring my family closer together by establishing a new Christmas tradition. One that we started and future generations would continue on and on into eternity. It was a total failure.
Optimist that I am, I decided to give it another go this year. My sons do not share my enthusiasm for Christmas decorations and decorating. A good friend of mine suggested that I try and recruit grandchildren. They are usually more receptive to this type of thing than your children. None of my boys are married, nor have they provided me with grandchildren.
My sons thought that I would let it go seeing as how none of them could produce a grandchild for me at this very moment. But I already had another plan. My husband has three children from a previous marriage and they (being the perfect children that they are) have children. Small ones - ages 6 and 8. PERFECT!
After a meeting of the "Make New Christmas Traditions or Bust" Society, we three decided that we would participate in an ornament exchange that the women's group at their church was having. The idea is this: You bring a dozen handmade ornaments to the exchange and you swap them with a dozen people, bringing home a dozen different ornaments.
Long story short - the borrowed grandkids bailed on me after only 45 minutes leaving me with having to make a dozen ornaments. I am not sure how long it SHOULD have taken me to construct my ornaments, the directions did not include that information. But it took me 3 weeks to make a dozen. I boxed them up and went to the damn party by myself and came home with the promised dozen ornaments.
Here are a few of the beautiful creations that I brought home. They are so pretty and the women who made them are really talented. But I think that I shall pass on this type of venture for next year.

Let's just say that I was a wee bit over-confident in my ability to create something as elegant. I got my twelve ornaments but there were a few people who declined to accept my offering. I guess I should have read the rules more closely.

So I have a few extra Reindeer left over - any takers?
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