23 December 2009

Northern California Genea-Radio Stars

Here in Northern California KQED Public Radio - 88.5 FM in the San Francisco Bay Area and 89.3 FM in the Sacramento area- has a live call-in program called Forum. Tomorrow morning at 10:00 AM Pacific Time is a segment called "Genealogy 101"

Scheduled guests for the show are:

Craig Manson, board member of the California Genealogical Society and genealogy blogger

Jane Knowles Lindsey, president of the California Genealogical Society

Jeanie Low, genealogist for the Chinese Historical Society of America

Judith Brelowitz, amateur genealogist


  1. Wow! What a line up! Does anyone know if a podcast will be available for download?

  2. I was asked and it looks like they have a good cast of characters!

  3. Wow, thanks, Sheri! What a nice Christmas present to tell us! For those outside the listening area, you can listen live at the KQED web site. Just remember California is two hours behind Mayor Daley time ;-)

  4. Thanks, Sheri, you beat me to the announcement! Yes, Thomas, live listening and podcast available on the
    Forum site. By the way, Jeanie Low is also a CGS member! As Randy would say, it's a three-fer.