29 December 2009

Photo of Ellis Island's Annie Moore found!

On January 1, 1892 a fifteen year old girl from Ireland became the first immigrant to step foot on Ellis Island. Her name was Annie Moore. It was thought that Annie had married and moved out west to Texas. Fast forward to the year 2002 where we find Megan Smolenyak doing research for a documentary film about immigration. Megan followed the paper trail of the Texas Annie Moore and found she had been born in Illinois. That was all it took for Megan to begin her quest.

When I first read about Megan Smolenyak's search for the real Annie Moore, I was captivated. The story is once again in the news and Megan plays a huge part in it.
You can read about the latest on Annie Moore

Megan is such a huge Genea-Star. Here's just a few places you can find her: Honoring Our Ancestors her own website , her blog at The Huffington Post, her blog Megan's Roots World and she is in several videos at Roots Television.

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  1. Thanks for sharing.
    A really fascinating story and a lesson for us too. Don't believe old stories until they are proven.