29 December 2009

My Genea-Gift

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun over at Randy Seaver's Genea-Musings asks us to share any genea-gifts we received at Christmas for this week's mission.

Mine came a little earlier than Christmas Day when Janine Smith turned a hopelessly damaged digital image of my ancestors into magic! Janine is Landailyn Research & Restoration, a Photoshop Award Winning restoration artist and a dear friend of mine.

The original photograph is a tintype from 1882 that has mold, dirt and the ravages of time all over it. It is in the possession of a cousin of mine. She scanned the photo, mold and all, and emailed the image to me. Janine took on this challenge and even made a tutorial using my photo.

Here are some samples of her work in photo restoration. She is simply brilliant!

Thank you Janine!

Before The Magic

After The Magic

Coming up next - The people in the photo and their story.


  1. Sheri,
    Amazing transformation of your picture. Janine did a great job, and I loved her instructions. Thanks.