05 March 2009

Learn What Your Name Means Day

We are halfway through the week long festivities of "Celebrate Your Name Week". Today we were asked to learn the meaning of our name.

I decided to start with the traditional meanings of names. I was well aware of my name having a French origin - cherie = loved or dear one. Louise also has a French origin being the female version of Louis.

At Behind The Name, I found these results for my names:

SHERI - pronounced Shur-ee, a variant of Sherry
LOUISE - pronounced Loo-eez, french feminine form of Louis

Then I found this website - Discover the Hidden Meaning in Your Name and could not resist.
I entered my first name and here are the results of the hidden meaning of my name:

You have great self-confidence and a charming personality which attracts many friends and admirers. Your innate sense of personal power and ability to lead are ideally suited to positions of authority. Being so versatile and seeing the big picture your ambitions are high and much is usually expected of you. With patience and tenacity you will certainly fulfill the great potential you have for success.

1 comment:

  1. I agree with the hidden meaning given to your name. Here's mine:

    Wise serpent "German"
    You are an inspiring leader whose originality, creativity and wisdom are applied to creating practical solutions to "unsolvable" problems. Humanitarian and idealistic your vision is to make the world a better place and you will work to this end. Hardworking and tenacious people admire you for your honesty and integrity. You are a loved and loyal friend and partner. Your have the potential to achieve enormous success in the world.

    So true, so true. lol.