02 March 2009

"Celebrate Your Name Week" Promotes Genealogy

Janet the Researcher said that it is "Celebrate Your Name Week" so, not wanting to miss out on a week of festivities, I decided to look a little further into this.

There is an actual website for this event and it is called (as if you didn't see this coming) "Celebrate Your Name Week" . They have a planned activity for each day of this exciting week.

And, as if this wasn't enough to make one giddy with glee, They have devoted the last day of the celebration to GENEALOGY!

Here is the lineup:

March 2 - Namesake Day: Today is for thinking about where you got your name and if you were named after a particular person, place, etc.

I clearly remember asking each of my parents why they gave me the name I have. Was I named after a dear family member? No. Was I named after a famous person? No. So why was I named Sheri? The story I got was that my father was reading a Playboy magazine in the waiting room of St. Joseph's hospital (See, I think that my wickedness is a genetic thing). After I was born and it was decided that I was a girl, Daddy told my mother that he saw the name in the magazine and that it sounded very cool. Mummy Dahling was given the task of selecting my middle name. Her exact words - " I chose Louise because it sounded better than Esther when yelling the two names together. I had anticipated, and quite correctly I might add, that I would be doing quite a bit of yelling."

March 3 - Fun Facts Day: Celebrate names today by finding fun facts about names.

March 4 - Unique Names Day: This is the day for all people to appreciate friends, acquaintances and loved ones who have a unique name. Let's acknowledge them for going through life without seeing their name on things such as ready-made key chains, etc.

March 5 - Learn What Your Name Means Day:

March 6 - Nametag Day: Celebrate your name by wearing it proudly!

March 7 - Middle Name Pride Day: Today’s name celebration requires honesty and boldness. Tell three people who don’t already know it, what your middle name is.

March 8 - Genealogy Day: Join in on one of the world’s fastest growing hobbies and celebrate names at the same time. There's a lot of genealogy information online. Libraries generally have a good assortment of books on genealogy (look in the 929 section).

Ahhh, I can tell already it's going to be a great month, March is definitely coming in like a lion.


  1. It's an even better month cuz we're March babies!

  2. Thanks for the heads up and the links!