04 March 2009

Unique Names Day

Day 3 of "Celebrate Your Name Week" is designated as "Unique Names Day".

Well.....you should know me by now. I couldn't let this one go without having some fun with it.

I used the services of some great name generators. I used my own name - Sheri Fenley and let the generators work their magic. I thought it was like using a Magic 8 Ball - "Say My Name, oh Magical One." My husband (who is a down to earth kind of guy - no magic baloney for him) says the name generators are a crap shoot. Either way you look at it, it was alot of fun.

The Vampire Name Generator

The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity: Selene Oleander
Known in some parts of the world as: Lilith of The Balkans

Hillbilly Name Generator

Your Hillbilly Name Is: Kissy Cissy Houston

Fairy Name Generator
Your fairy is called Feather Hailwitch She is a protector of the lonely. She lives in high places where the clouds meet the earth. She is only seen in the enchanted moment between sleep and waking.
She wears pale blue like the sky. She has cheery turquoise wings like a butterfly.

Dirty Bess Rackham

OK, for this one I used my husband's name.
If he were holding a fishing rod instead of the
egg, this would be a almost an exact
replica of the man I married.

Mousie Bunny-bun-buns


  1. I love name generators!

    --Josette d'Angoulême: Consort of Wraiths, aka Lil Pearl Birmingham, aka Columbine Goblintree, aka Dirty Charity Bonney

  2. Dirty Charity Bonney, Arrgg I love pirate names.