07 March 2009

Sheri Goes To Santa Clara and Oakland and San Francisco and...

Intermission time at the Educated Genealogist. I will be in Santa Clara, California attending the California State Society Daughters of the American Revolution annual state conference. Elizabeth O'Neal from Little Bytes of Life is a DAR member and will be attending as well. Any other genea-bloggers out there who are DAR members and attending state conference? Let us know and we'll plan to meet up and see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into!

Since I will be in the bay area, I have other genealogical events and on my itinerary that I am really looking forward to . The visit would not be complete without stopping in at some of my most favorite places to do research as well.

Saturday, March 14th at 1:00 PM - The California Genealogical Society presents - Frances Dinkelspiel, author of "Towers of Gold: How One Jewish Immigrant Named Isaias Hellman Created California". I am thrilled that I finally have the chance not only to listen to Ms. Dinkelspiel's research adventures but even more jazzed at meeting Kathryn Doyle live and in person. Kathryn is the author of the CGS blog, a fellow genea-blogger and all around cool, cool kitty.

The following Monday and Tuesday I will be researching at the Judah Magnes Library in the Western Jewish History Collection . The museum and library are located in Berkeley so time at the Bancroft Library at U.C. Berkeley is on the agenda too. I am hoping to squeeze in one or two more days so I can visit the California Historical Society, the Sutro Library and the National Archives in San Bruno.

The month of March just keeps getting better all the time!


  1. Sheri,

    Coming from you - the coolest of felines - I am just hoping to live up to your expectations! It sounds like you are going to be a busy, busy girl. Give my best to Elizabeth. See you Saturday!


  2. Kathy,

    I look forward to meeting you, too. When you go to the Magnes Museum, be sure to check out its Memory Lab exhibit. The Magnes is doing some amazing work digitizing family photos, tagging them, writing narratives and then posting them to the web for all to see. Anyone who does genealogy would love this. Here's a link: