14 March 2009

Groovin' - On A Saturday Afternoon

L to R = Jennifer Jones Regan, Cheryl Palmer, Me, Kathryn Doyle

Just returned to Sunnyvale after one of THE best days I had in a long time. Dragged my SIL with me to Oakland, California to the California Genealogical Society to hear Frances Dinkelspiel talk about her book "Towers of Gold: How One Jewish Immigrant Named Isaias Hellman Created California"

Frances spoke to a full house about her research journey and shared some stories from the book. Anyone can gather facts and figures, but it takes a gift to take those facts and figures and turn them into a compelling and entertaining story. Frances has that gift. That and a great last name, do you know how fun it is to say Dinkel-schpiel!

Best of all was getting to meet some of the Genea-Bloggers grooviest people. Cool, cool Kitty - Kathryn Doyle author of the CGS blog is one of the bounciest, happiest, friendliest people you'd ever want to meet. Ah, to be that young and skinny again. Oh well, a girl can always dream.

A lady in a purple sweater was at the reception desk and turned around as I walked in and was pleasantly surprised to see Cheryl Palmer who authors the Graveyard Rabbit of South Alameda County. Cheryl surprised us all by later revealing that she is also the author who writes under the pen name of Msteri over at Heritage Happens. I honestly had no idea that she was two people at the same time. Between you and me, she looks perfectly normal in person!

Jennifer Jones Regan who authors Rainy Day Genealogy Readings and The Graveyard Rabbit of Contra Costsa County was another CGS member and Genea-blogger who I met. Jennifer is a Brain-ee-ack and one of those girls who never have to wear makeup to look great. Jennifer wrote a scholarly article for the Louisiana Genealogical Register about Yellow Fever that is a well researched, well written piece.

I also met Jane Lindsey, president of CGS who puts on a great show for CGS each and every month. Carolyn Steinberg was there as well. I am hoping Carolyn brings her CGS Roadshow to the San Joaquin Valley soon!

The last surprise for me was Jeffrey Vaillant who is a member of the grooviest ProGen group - Group D. Jeff, Randy Seaver, Mark Tucker, Tina Sansome and I are the infamous Group D. We have been together for over a year now and while I feel as if I know all of them, I had never met any of them except for Tina. Tina and I met while at Samford last year. This year we will be roommates at Samford. I had to promise I wouldn't get us thrown in jail while we were there. Ha! I am a pro at walking on the edge without falling off. My brain is dizzy with all the possibilities......


  1. Sheri,

    What do you think? I think that Jeffrey will be starting his own blog soon.

    It was so great to meet you yesterday. I'm crossing my fingers that you, Cheryl and Jennifer will make it down to Jamboree so we can get into some of that trouble you keep promising!

    Kathryn (aka C.C.K.)

  2. Nice post Sheri!It was so much fun meeting you and Jennifer and Kathryn. I was happy to see Jeffrey again myself! Has he been thinking about blogging? Trouble? Did I hear trouble?