03 March 2009

Fun Facts Day

Today is Day 2 of the "Celebrate Your Name Week". It has been designated as "Fun Facts Day".

Randy Seaver over at
Genea-Musings, led me to a website called "is this your name?"

After I entered my name into the generator it gave me these fun facts about my name:

55% of the letters are vowels. Of one million first and last names we looked at, 1.1% have a higher vowel make-up. This means you are extremely well envoweled.

In ASCII binary it is... 01010011 01101000 01100101 01110010 01101001 00100000 01001100 01101111 01110101 01101001 01110011 01100101

Backwards, it is Irehs Yelnef... nice ring to it, huh?

In Pig Latin, it is Erishay Enleyfay.

People with this first name are probably: Female. So, you are constantly
overcharged for beauty products.

Name Origin and Meaning:
Forename: Origin: French (Root: Cherie)Meaning: Beloved

3 Things You Didn't Know:

Your personal power animal is the Sphynx Cat

Your 'Numerology' number is 5. If it wasn't bulls**t, it would mean that you are adventurous, mercurial, and sensual. You seek growth through adventure and different life experiences. Although you are a critical thinker, you can sometimes over-ponder an issue.

According to the US Census Bureau, 0.042% of US residents have the first name 'Sheri' and 0.0006% have the surname 'Fenley'. The US has around 300 million residents, so we guesstimate there are 1 Americans who go by the name 'Sheri Fenley'.

It's so comforting to know that in all probability, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, there is only one of me!
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