15 October 2008

Polka Progress

So, me and my bright ideas are in deep once again. Donna over at What's Past is Prologue announced that October is Polish-American Heritage month. She then issued a challenge to complete at least item on her list of ways to celebrate being Polish. Having Polish blood running through your veins was not a requirement.

Being the kind of girl I am, I of course wanted to participate (What? Have a party without me?). Thinking that I would pick the easiest thing on the list, I decided I would learn how to Polka. Some of the other choices were to learn Polish, read a historical novel about Poland, etc and I just didn't think that I would have time for those tasks.

I thought to myself, how hard can this be? I'll just locate a Polish Polka instructor in the yellow pages and take a lesson and show the film at eleven. Well, let me tell you something I'll bet you did not know. There are no Polish Polka instructors listed in the yellow pages for all of Northern California. None - Zip - Nada- Zero . I did however find a few authentic Polish Polka Bands. Can you believe that no amount of money in the world would entice them to teach me the Polka? Obviously I sounded just like a crazed blonde who knows she only has 14 more days to learn how to Polka!

Man oh Man, what was I thinking?

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