15 October 2008

Back to the West Coast

I have been sharing with you my research of my SIL’s (sister-in-law) family. The education I have received from this research is priceless. All of her ancestors are German Jewish in origin coming from Bavaria or Hesse Darmstadt. Most all arriving in the United States between 1840 and 1850. I have taken you to Portland, Oregon and New York City with my research and today San Francisco, California.

SIL’s 2nd great grandfather is David Nathan Walter. From the information on his U. S. Passport application, David Nathan Walter was born 24 August 1837 in Rickendorf, Bavaria, Germany. He came to the United States in April 1848 to San Francisco via New York City. He was naturalized on 1 November 1860 in the U.S. Circuit Court, Northern District of California.
David married Hannah Smith of Albany, New York and they had 6 children:
Jacob Smith Walter
Edgar Walter
Adele Walter
Clarence R. Walter
Herbert D. Walter
Rosie Walter

David Walter went into business with his 2 brothers and formed the D. N. & E. Walter & Co. I found this entry in the 1867 Pacific Coast Business Directory:
D. N. Walter
Location: 303 & 305 California, San Francisco, San Francisco, California
Occupation: D. N. & E. Walter, carpet importers
By 1880 the company moved to 98 O’Farrell Street as shown in the advertisement in the Pacific Furniture Trade Magazine.

Business was good for the Walter family. Here is a photo of the Walter home at the north east corner of Sacramento Street and Van Ness, San Francisco, California about 1887.

(Photo of the Walter home courtesy of the Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley)

I located David Walter‘s obituary in “The San Francisco Call”, Sunday, March 4th, 1900, Page 23

D.N. WALTER, WELL-KNOWN MERCHANT PASSES AWAY Prominent Citizen Dies at His Van Ness Avenue Residence, Surrounded by His Family.
David N. Walter, a well-known business man, president of the D. N. &E. Walter & Co. (Incorporated), wholesale dealers in carpets and upholstery at 523 Market street, died last night at his residence, 1700 Van Ness Avenue.
David N. Walter has for many years been a prominent member of commercial circles of this city and a well known-figure in many societies. He was known as
a charitable and public-spirited citizen, always devoted to the best interests of the community.
Deceased leaves a widow, two sons, Clarence R. and Herbert D., and two daughters,
Mrs. Moses Heller and Mrs. Abe Mertief.
The Interment will be at Home of Peace Cemetery on Monday morning. Deceased was a native of Germany, 62 years of age. The entire family was present at his bedside when he passed away.


  1. Hi. I just came across this entry when I was doing a quick search for "DN & E Walter." That company is still alive and well. My husband, Christopher Walter Sinton, and his father, John Walter Sinton, are still on the board. One of the origial Walter brothers was my husband's great-great grandfather.

  2. Hello, my name is Ruth, and I just searched DN&E because my maternal grandfather, Frank R. Pinner, worked there in the 1900's until he passed away in 1949. His son, Raymond f. Pinner, also worked there as a young man. My Grandfater was always very proud of his position in the company's carpet div., although I do not remember his title. My Mother and Dad purchased a new home in S.F.; we moved in on my 1st birthday in 1947 and the floors were carpeted wall-to-wall with DN&E wool carpet. I am happy to learn that the company is still in existence.