01 October 2008

Do You See A Ghost?

The photo below was taken about 1896 in Franklin Township, Des Moines County, Iowa. The woman holding the baby in the center is my 2nd great grandmother Laura Cordelia Robinson Berry. The couple on the left are my 3rd great grandparents William Campbell Berry I and Mary Ping Berry. The couple on the right are Addison Lincoln Berry and his wife Eleanor Griffith Berry. At the very left is part of an image of a what appears to be a small boy and his dog. Is he really there?


  1. possible double exposure? or do I need to lay off the breakfast wine?

  2. Maybe they were moving when the photo was taken?

    Since it is Halloween season now, I'm going to pretend it's a spooky mystery. :)

  3. I love these types of photos! Thanks for posting!

  4. SHERI, Neat photograph -- yes, I'd say you have a photo of a real boy and his spotted dog. What does the 1900 census say about a male child in either of these families?

    The dog is casting a shadow -- therefore the dog is real. I think the lad moved just as the shutter was opened.

    Very interesting photograph however.

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