06 August 2013

Five Fabulous Years!

Five Fabulous Years!

To celebrate the occasion I am going to share some highlights since I started my blog back in 2008.  

My profile photo in 2008

I have ancestors that are Germans from Russian who immigrated to Kansas in 1878.  I wrote about them HERE.

I have shared my seemingly never ending research story "The Problem With Pauline."  I just recently found a new document that explains so much and will follow up with a post about it very soon.

With the FGS Conference just around the corner, a couple of posts I wrote giving tips to make your experience the best ever can be found HERE and HERE.

In 2009 I came up with the idea of Genealogist trading cards which you can read about HERE.
I wrote several posts about my sister-in-law's family.  They are Jews from Bavaria who came to San Francisco in the 1850's and became a part of the "Gilded Circle" and "Reckendorf Aristocracy."

You can read about how my life intersects with the Sisters of Providence and my need for a goodly supply of "Get Out of Hell Free" cards.

Some of my lessons learned working as a professional genealogist can be read HERE, HERE and HERE.

I have shared my artistic talent with you over the years and you can read about it HERE and HERE.

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