10 January 2010

SNGF - Super Heros and the Powers That May Be

Randy has come up with a great exercise for this week's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun .

1) Answer the question: Do you have a genealogical “superpower”? (i.e., a unique research ability or technique that helps you track down records or assemble conclusions that others can’t?) If so, what is it?

2) Tell us about it in a blog post, a comment to this post, a comment to Dean's post, or a comment to this post on Facebook or Twitter.

3) If you have a picture of yourself in superpower mode, please show it to us!

Well I know what super power I would like to have - Flying.

I would be able to fly where ever the research took me. No worries about airline reservations, or long lines going through security. The only thing I need to work out is how to get all those documents and records strapped onto my back for the return flight home!

Where did I get the cool avatar of me as a Super Hero? You can "Super Hero" yourself over at The Hero Factory

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