21 January 2010

Helen Leary Videos - She Had Me At "Genealogy Is Fun"

I just spent the last 30 minutes watching a series of short videos that have touched me down to my very soul. The National Genealogical Society has on their website a series of interviews that they did with Helen F. M. Leary, CG(emeritus)*, FASG, FNGS.

Helen Leary is the Queen of North Carolina research, nay the entire Upper South. Back in 2001 the NGS Quarterly devoted an entire issue to the Thomas Jefferson - Sally Hemings debate. Because of her expertise, they had asked Ms. Leary to evaluate the evidence and the result of that research produced a most excellent article - "Sally Hemings Children: A Genealogical Analysis of the Evidence." As if the videos were not enough of a treat, you can
download the Thomas Jefferson-Sally Hemings Special NGS Quarterly for free!

Listening to Helen speak in these interviews made me jump up and say, "Yeah! Me too - those are the reasons I am a genealogist!" Take the time to visit the site and treat yourself to a most delightful and insightful 30 minutes!


  1. Thank you for this recommendation, Sheri. I listened to all of them, and they are wonderful. My favorite was the story of the silver hand.

  2. thanks a million for the recommendations. They have been added to my professional growth
    "to do list" and scheduled for me to take the time.