22 January 2010

Pro Bono Anyone?



The case I have been working on for an eternity - well ok not an eternity, but damn close to it - the one I was using for my #6 requirement in my BCG Portfolio has just gone down the crapper!

I do not have a back up that fits the bill for this report. So, I am going to take the advice I've been given and make a plea to John Q. Public. (Er that would be all of you)

Does anyone have a project that they need researched? The ideal case would involve any of the following:

a) Conflicting evidence

b) No direct evidence - scads of indirect evidence

c) 4 or more generations

If I take your project on, I will do it pro bono. In return I will need your permission to use it for my portfolio. You can reach me at :


So what about it John Q. Public - what do you have for me?

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