03 January 2010

I Stand Corrected!

There was a bright spot in 2009 after all. I don't know how I overlooked this achievement in my goal to "Go Pro" in the world of genealogy and historical research.

A couple of days before 2010 began, I received in the mail, my certificate of completion for ProGen I.

I am proud to say that I am one of the original Progen Study Group participants and made it through the 18 months with only a couple of bumps and bruises (usually happened during frantic rush to get an assignment turned in on time). This course will help you sharpen your skills in all aspects of the field - writing and communication skills, how to conduct research more effectively, how to market yourself once you decide to hang out your shingle. Monthly projects include writing contracts, business plans, and client reports; creating research plans and locality guides; analyzing evidence, and constructing proof arguments. Members also do peer reviews of our assignments.

If you are considering making the 18 month commitment to help you become the best genealogist that you can possibly be, then head on over to the ProGen Study Group website and tell Angela McGhie that I sent you.

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