17 November 2009

Somebody Likes Me!

Julie Wingate author of the delightful blog "Banjos and Baby Dolls" thinks that I am worthy of the Kreativ Blogger Award that is being passed around Geneablogger land. Julie has now become my new BFF.

In return, the awardee must give back 7 and 7 - Reveal seven previously unknown things about yourself and then pass the award to seven other bloggers.

Seven things about me you may not know:

1. I do not like chinese food

2. When the last of my 3 sons moved out of the house I vacuumed naked just because I could. [youngest son has since moved back home so I don't vacuum anymore]

3. One of my mantras - "Never Pay Retail"

4. I am terrified of snakes

5. I am a firm believer in karma. Even if I don't live long enough to see it in action, I am confident that what goes around comes around (and usually bites you on the butt)

6. I am a night owl.

7. I hate to cook , I'd rather clean toilets than have to be in the kitchen

There, seven things I'd bet you never would have thought about me. I now pass the award on to the following blogs:

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