14 November 2009

A Nice Thing or Two - SNGF

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun came and went but I still want to play. This week Randy asks us to share something nice a fellow genealogist has done for us in the past week or the most recent we can recall.

There are two people that I am long overdue in thanking for going above and beyond the wild blue yonder.

Gary Deen in Des Moines County, Iowa is a shirttail relative of mine who has on numerous occasions gone to the State Library and obtained family records for me. He never asks for anything in return (although I have begged him to let me return the favors). Gary is the webmaster of the Des Moines County Genealogy Society website and has done a top notch job of redesigning the site recently.

Ginger Smith in Raleigh, North Carolina went way, way, far away out of her way to obtain estate files and wills for me at the North Carolina State Archives not too long ago. Knowing that I was practically salivating, waiting to see one in particular - she scanned and emailed it to me so I wouldn't have to wait for the mailman to deliver it with the rest of the papers. Ginger is the author of Genealogy By Ginger blog , GenealogybyGinger Weblog and The Smith and Fox Family Blog.

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