05 October 2009

The Polls Are Open - Vote for Your Favorite Geneablogs

Are you a geneablogger? Or perhaps you just enjoy reading genealogy blogs. Last month Family Tree Magazine asked readers to nominate their favorite genealogy blog. Now it is time to vote on your favorites to make the Top 40 blogs.

Voting takes place October 5th to November 5th, and you can vote more than once. The nominated blogs have been grouped into categories, and you'll be asked to vote for a specified number of blogs in each category. Here are the categories:

1, All-around - These bloggers give you a little of everything: news, research advice, their own family stories, photos, opinions and more.

2. Personal/Family - These blogs primarily cover the blogger's own research and ancestors. Family historians write what they know and what’s important to them, so this is our biggest category.
[A completely shameless plug and a teensy bit of self promotion here - The Educated Genealogist is among the nominees in this category - I know, I know - I am as surprised as you are but hey, it's a done deal so since you're already reading my blog and I know that you'll be heading over to cast your vote anyway . . .why not put a check mark in my box. You know, only because it's there and all . . ]

3. Local/Regional - Most posts in these blogs cover resources, genealogy events and history for a city, town, state or region.

4. Cemetery - These blogs focus on cemetery research, gravestone photos and the like.

5. Photos/Heirlooms - Content on these blogs is primarily about sharing, researching and preserving family photos and/or heirlooms.

6. Heritage - Here, blog content focuses on a particular heritage group, such as African-American, Jewish or Irish.

7. News/Resources - Blogs in this category deliver a range of genealogy news and information about new resources.

8. How-to - These blogs have instructional content on genealogical resources and methodology.

9. Genealogy Companies - Blogs in this category are written on behalf of a genealogy company, and contain helpful information on the company’s products, as well as other resources.

10. Genetic Genealogy - Blogs that are primarily about genetic genealogy and family health history.

The top 80 vote-getting blogs will make it through to a "final" round, and the editorial staff will select 40 blogs from that list. The Family Tree 40 will be announced in the May 2010 Family Tree Magazine

Head on over to Family Tree and cast your vote .


  1. Hey congratulations, Sheri! You've got my vote! I'm looking forward to seeing both Thelma and Louise this weekend!

  2. Mother,
    With every shameless vote for myself (I'll ask forgiveness later), I also vote for Mother Superior (and miscellaneous other sistas). Such wisdom as yours can not go unnoticed!
    Sista Donner

  3. Ugly Sista:

    With the "In" you have with the nuns and therefore the "Big Guy," it was a foregone conclusion that you'd be nominated.

    It did help that you had beauty, brains, and humor.

    Ugliest Sista

  4. Sheri - Congrats on your nomination! And I LOVE the monster mash video - very cool! Best of Luck!