28 October 2009

My Musical Family - 83rd COG

The 83rd COG is all about "Musical Instruments."  Do you play a musical instrument or did one of your family members?  Which instrument was it?

The photo below shows my grandmother Maryellen Harris and her parents Hillary T. Harris and Hazel Berry Harris in front of their home in Allen County, Kansas about 1921.  I was able to ask my grandmother about this photo before she passed away.  She told me that her parents were the funniest people she knew.  They just loved to act silly and that is what they were doing in this photo. 

As far as I know, neither my paternal nor my maternal side of the family produced any musicians.  This photo is as close as I can get for a submission to this COG!

Hazel Berry Harris, Maryellen Harris and Hillary T. Harris in front of their home in Osage Township, Allen County, Kansas (c) 1921


  1. That looks like a little banjo ukulele (sometimes banjolele). It is a simple one, without a resonator bunch about them here: http://xrl.in/3fp4 . Nice picture, love the smiles!

  2. We'll take it! The COG is very happy to have your submission, especially one with such great smiles! Well I guess we know where you got your sense of humor from, eh?

    Thanks for sharing!