31 October 2009

Halloween Memories or Just Evil and Wicked Thoughts?

While I was at Samford attending the Institute for Genealogical and Historical Research in June, my instructor, Lloyd Bockstruck revealed to the class that "he had evil thoughts" [note - this quote is taken way, way, far away out of context, but I needed an opening for this article and it's all I got right now] Well, I have to tell you that I was certainly relieved to hear that I wasn't the only one.

Over at Genea-Musings, Randy Seaver is hosting the
Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -the Halloween edition. He challenges us to think about our most memorable Hallowe'en - was it when you were a child (candy, games, carnivals), a teenager (tricks and treats), or an adult (perhaps a party)?

Reading Mr. Saturday Night's memory of tricking the pastor of his church tells me that (along with Mr. Bockstruck) I am in good company when it comes to wickedness.

I have only a few memorable Halloween moments that remain near and dear to me. Like the time my ex-husband decided to attend his company Halloween party dressed as a Urine Sample. However, being the generous and giving kind of person that I am, instead of boring you with my life I present some of the most amusing costumes I have seen this year.

And people ask me where my head is

A little deviled egg

This one is for Sista Donner

This is why your parents tell you the Tooth Fairy isn't real
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