07 October 2009

And The Moral of the Story is . . .

So my friend Betty and I decide to drive out to the Collegeville Cemetery east of Stockton, just to see what work has been done on the restoration that began last year. I wrote about this great project last month. If you missed it, you can read it here . See that white car in the photo above? Well I noticed it also and noted the location of where I assumed one needed to park their vehicle when visiting the cemetery.

When Betty and I arrived, I parked my car just where that white one did in the photo. Well OK, maybe I pulled up a little further than that white car did. I was so busy being pleased with myself for getting us there in one piece that I really didn't notice that the sprinklers were on in the orchard next to us. Not until Betty got out of the car and said that her feet were stuck in the mud.

Well I got out and walked around to her side and sure enough, she was stuck in the mud.

Me returning from a mud check on the other side of my car.

After getting Betty free, it occurred to me that if she got stuck, then could my car possibly be stuck as well?? The answer to that is Yes - Yes and can and was stuck. Good fortune was smiling on us because Betty had an emergency road service card. She called them and spent 20 minutes trying to assure them that this was a legit call. Yes we are stuck in the mud. No, it is not nor has it been raining. No the driver didn't notice that we were on a dirt road and that the sprinklers were on and made said road act like quicksand.

Betty passed the time waiting for the tow truck by snapping photos. We only had to wait for 115 photos.

Me performing a mud check on my shoes.

We were also fortunate enough to have a tow truck driver who knew better than to laugh when he arrived.

Mr. Tow Truck Driver putting a stick under the wheel to give me some traction

Nice shot of Mr. Tow Truck Drive Betty

Me narrowly missing Mr. Tow Truck Driver's truck

The moral of the story is to learn how to distinguish dry dirt from really wet and clay-like dirt.


  1. Why do I get the feeling that I'd somehow always have fun going out with you anywhere? LOL Thanks for the laugh. Speaking from experience, it will get funnier with time!

  2. Absolutely hysterical - and great pictures!