02 October 2009

Damn She is Good!

I am talking about my friend Janine Smith. Janine is from the Fort Worth, Texas area, a photo restorationist as well as a genealogist. Janine does absolutely brilliant work. She's so good at what she does, she won the prestigious Photoshop User Award for Best Restoration in 2008.

I am a huge fan of Janine and her blog
Janinealogy . Awhile back, she had mentioned that she was looking for photos to use for some tutorials that she was putting together. I had just the photo for her.

A shirtail cousin of mine scanned a badly damaged tintype group photo of my 2nd and 3rd great grandparents. She told me that she thought the crap all over it was mold.

Keep in mind that my cousin scanned this on a crappy flatbed scanner and emailed to me. Janine did not have the original photograph to work with, just this copy.

She is only 1/2 the way finished, but I am so excited about this I had to share it with you now. Look what she has done so far!

It's a miracle I am telling you! For those of you who are techno geeks or want to see her little tutorial you can go over to Tip Squirrel and see magic performed before your very own eyes!

Thank you Janine!!


  1. Great work! I'll have to dig out some of my old "moldy" pics.


  2. I have to agree, Janine is an amazing talent. I'm proud to have her as part of the TipSquirrel gang, her tutorials are nothing short of stunning.