20 June 2009

A Small Digression

OK so I am taking a break from the Samford Saga, cruising the genea-bloggersphere and come across something that makes me especially green with envy. The 74th Edition of the COG is the annual swimsuit edition which is over at Jasia's place The Creative Gene, was posted a couple of days ago. I come across Denise Olson's submission. Denise is the creator and author of Moultrie Creek Network.

Denise has shared an image of her as a child. It isn't just any old photo or image - it is a PORTRAIT that was painted by Carl Austen (who I assume might be a local artist).

I never had my portrait painted as a child nor as an adult. I don't know why this bothers me, but it does. I am going to have a talk with Mummy Dahling about this. I have always said that I had a perfect childhood, a princess in fairyland. But I see now that perhaps, I am mistaken. I have gone through my entire box of childhood photos and crap, er I mean mementos and I can assure you that there are no portraits of me.

There is one item that might be considered : A piece of black construction paper that someone took scissors and cut out the shape of my little head. I know it is me and not one of my brothers because there is a ponytail attached to it. This piece of artwork is pasted to the back of a cereal box (I can still see part of the Wheaties logo).

Am I making too much of this? How many of you had portraits painted when you were a child?
I am simply dying of jealousy here!


  1. Motha,

    What? Mine is hanging in the National Gallery!

    Seriously, no, never have. But the closest I guess was a professional portrait at the local Strawbridge's when I was about five. The photographer liked it so much I was on display there for many years!

    Sista D

  2. Guilty. Now that you bring it up, I will have to take photos of them and wait for an appropriate blogfest. I'll give one to you and then it will be yours.

  3. I, too, have the black construction paper image pasted in a scrapbook my mother kept of my best 1st grade artwork - only gallery quality, of course!

    The only other possibility is the portrait studio that did my senior photos used one in their yellow pages ad for a year. I got a lot of flack from fellow classmates over that one.

  4. Cher amie, when you come to New Orleans for the Mardi Gras, we'll take you to Jackson Square and have one done. That's what we did when I was eight. Remember having it done. Have no idea what happened to the finished product, though.