14 June 2009

Got Shades?

It's time once again for another installment of "The Year Was. . . ", my monthly column over at Shades of the Departed - Shades of History. Head on over to Weekend With Shades and read all about the year 1856.

For those who don't know about this most excellent online publication, Weekend with Shades, is the creation of the Mahvalous footnoteMaven .

Be sure to also check out the other stupendous columns on Weekend With Shades.

"The Healing Brush" by George Geder
"Appealing Subjects" by Craig Manson
"The Humor Of It" by Donna Pointkouski
"Penelope Dreadful" by Denise Levenick
"The Creative Toolbox" by Denise Olson
"Captured Moments" by Jasia
"Saving Face" by Rebecca Fenning

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