15 June 2009

Sheri Goes To Samford - Sophomore Year

So I know I am late reporting on my adventure, I have been going non-stop ever since I left San Francisco. I have got a story for you about the first day of my journey.

I left San Francisco at the ungodly hour of 5:00 AM, but managed to make it to the airport on time with all my luggage. I flew to Minneapolis where I had a layover. So far so good, I thought. In fact I was getting concerned that I would have nothing to write about - things were going that smoothly.

The airlines made a small adjustment to the amount of time I was to layover - from 2 hours to 5 1/2 hours. Fine, I am a big girl and can handle this. I decided to have lunch. So I am sitting there minding my own business, reading a book and eating lunch. I get up and start to gather my things together and find that my jacket is missing. I had hung it on the back of my chair and someone snagged it as they were walking by. I am more than a little p.o.'d , but remind myself that I am a big girl and I can handle this.

So I find the gate my plane is to depart from and start reading my book again. I check the time and look at the departure board and wonder why it still says Sioux City and not Memphis. Sensing trouble, I hunt down an airline employee who checks my boarding pass and gives me a patronizing look while she says, "Yes, sugar, you are at gate 26C, but that is your seat number -you need to be at gate 13G."

Gate 13G is, of course, at the other end of the airport. So here I am, running on the people movers, dragging a suitcase that was never meant to roll. I just made it before they closed the door to the plane. My punishment for causing the delay? I have to sit right next to a lady with a 7 month old child who screamed his little lungs out for the 2 hour flight. Bless his little heart. (That is Southern-ese for "do something with that kid")

It is now 6 PM and I have not had a smoke since 5 AM. I pushed my way to the front of the plane to exit, ran toward baggage claim, alternating "Move it out of the way people" and making a sound like a siren. This must not be an unusual sight at airports as I had airport employees clearing the way and pointing me towards the smoking area. Bless their little hearts. (This is Southern-ese for "Thank you Jesus!)

I forgot to mention that once again I managed to stay under the weight allowance for checked luggage - 49 1/2 pounds. I flew with a different airlines than last year, hoping that they would recognize my gift for outstanding packing techniques and present me with an award. I know you share my disappointment in learning that they did not.

My roommate at Samford this year is Tina Sansone. She picked me up at the airport and before we went to her home, she drove me to see Elvis. I don't know what I expected really, but it wasn't what I saw. Graceland is in a horrible part of Memphis and get this - here it is a Saturday and the place is deserted! There wasn't a living soul there but us 2. We got out of the car anyway and walked toward the main gates. There is a Wall made of stones a block long attached to the gates. Every square inch of that wall had been autographed by people who had come to pay homage to the King. I though it downright creepy - all those signatures but no people around but us.

Sheri at the Gates of Graceland

I felt right at home at Tina's. She is a dedicated genealogist, serious about her profession. I know this because the reading material in her bathroom is the NGS Quarterly, DAR's American Spirit magazine and her local genealogical society newsletter. Bless her little heart (This is Southern-ese for What A Gal!)

We left the next morning for Birmingham. It was a 4 hour drive which I am sure is very pleasant when there isn't hurricane force winds and sheets of rain following you the entire way. Oh did I mention the thunder and bolts of lightening from Hell? Those were thrown in free of charge. Here's a little factoid I'll bet you didn't know - gun racks in the cabs of pick up trucks double as lightening rods.

I'll be back tomorrow, same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel!


  1. Oh gosh! If this is how you are at a sedate function like Samford, what can I expect at Jamboree? Must call Burbank authorities now and warn them . . .

  2. What a test of patience by the end of that plane ride! Good girl for not actually flattening anyone.

  3. Fabulous! Can't wait to hear more. And this just confirms my airport paranoia.

  4. Bless your heart! That's GRITS- speak (Girl raised in the South) for "That California blond is back below the Mason Dixon line.!" Have fun. Looking forward to more fun missives from your adventure.

  5. I am enjoying having you as a roomie, although I have not really seen much of you. LOL


  6. You look like the real deal at Graceland!