12 August 2008

No Comments?

One last post for the day. I am new to the Genea-Blogger's world so maybe the observation I am going to make is just my naivety. The counter that tells me how many people have visited my blog tells me that over 100 people have come to my blog to give me a look-see.

100 people and not a one of them left a comment on any of my posts. Is this a normal occurrence? 100 people and not one had an opinion about my writing. Should I not take this personally? Do I need to understand that their silence doesn't mean that they did not enjoy the posts?

I guess I am nervous about being on the porch with the Big Dogs. I know that there is lots of room on the porch, but I want to share that big juicy bone they have as well.

Let me know if I am turning into a whiner.
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