02 September 2013

Mapping My Ancestors

Very cool mapping site I came across today.  It's called Map A List.  How it works - create a spreadsheet in Google Docs and the program uses that spreadsheet to create the map.  The green bubbles on the map below are a label or sorts.  You indicate what that particular place on the map represents.  On my map below, each bubble represents a location that my ancestors lived.

This type of mapping program can be used for all kinds of things - Road Trips, Locations of genealogy bloggers in the United States or Cemetery Locations just to name a few.

You can even use geocoding and there are tutorials and help forums right on the website.

So what would you use this type of mapping program for?


Susi's Quarter said...

Sheri, I did this but the lineages had different colored pins. You can then see where marriages could take place and families mingled. A feature that wasn't thought about as I was marking their trail west.

Jacqi Stevens said...

Great minds...

I was just working on map resources this week, too. Thanks for the additional resource! I think maps are fun, and anything to make that family tree more visual is a plus in my book.

Melinda said...

This looks like something I would like to do. Hope it is as easy as you make it sound. If not....you'll be hearing from me!!
Melinda...sorry, I don't know how to do this.

Lisa Gorrell said...

What does the spreadsheet look like? Just a list of places?