19 September 2013

Ooh Look - More Shiny Things

It is National "Talk Like A Pirate" Day.  While looking for the perfect outfit, which I did manage to find,

 Google took me on a trip around the world.

Here I am at Mount Rushmore.

Egypt is hotter than home at Camp Fenley.

The Queen didn't invite me to tea while I was in England.
Not very friendly of her.

Visiting New York City

These spacesuits are not very flattering.

Going to the Moon wasn't far out enough for me so it was on to Planet Vulcan for a visit with Spock's family.

No, this isn't a country but don't I look good on this guy's arm?

And here I am back home at Camp Fenley
 where everyday is groovy!

Want to take a trip around the world or just have some fun?  Then click on over to these timesuckers:



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  1. Thanks for the laugh and the reminder it's Talk Like aPirate Day. Thought about it last night and then forgot. Argh!

  2. Thanks for the laugh! And for the reminder that it's Talk Like a Pirate Day. I thought about it last night and then forgot. argh!