20 October 2011

Dear Flip Pal Fairy GodMother

Dear Dahling Flip Pal Fairy Godmother,

So what is it with your family lately?  Your sister, the SLIG Fairy Godmother deserted me in my time of need (blogger contest for tuition waiver).  Your cousin, the IGHR Fairy Godmother (Birdie Holsclaw Scholarship), is pretending like she doesn't know me.  Are you going to bail on me too??????

I really need you to shake the magic wand and shower me with fairy dust.  I am going to attempt to create a Christmas Family Tradition again this year.  If you will recall, the previous two years were freakin' train wrecks, complete disasters and obvious FAILS.  Please take a moment to refresh your memory.  Go ahead, I'll wait.  It's not like I'm going to Salt Lake City or Birmingham in the next few minutes (Oh Hell Yes I am pouting)

2nd Year  Fiasco

Pretty pathetic, huh?  So now I am sure it is quite obvious why I need that Flip Pal to try and make the third attempt at Creating A Christmas Family Tradition the charm.   The possibilities are endless if I were to have one of those cute little scanners.  I have visions of family history projects for Christmas dancing in my head.

Hugs from your ever loving Genea-Goddaughter


(Ahem, that would be Sheri Fenley, the one who lives in Stockton)

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