05 October 2011

It Is Time For My Annual Halloween Video!

It's October and faithful readers of this blog know what that means . . . .    That's right!  My Annual Halloween JibJab Video!

This year I have made two for your viewing enjoyment  The first, star the "Saints" - authors  from the blog THE CATHOLIC GENE.   Donna Pointkouski, Craig Manson, Lisa Alzo, Steve Danko and of course ME!  (The other "Saints" from our blog - Jasia, Smallest Leaf, Cecile and Denise Levenick will get their own video as soon as they send me a photo of themselves )

This second video I made because I really like Zombies.  Randy Seaver, Bill West and Thomas MacEntee make great ones!  Caution for the squeamish -   A few limbs are torn off bodies and there is lots of gratuitous blood just like a true Zombie movie should have.



  1. Thanks for including me, Sheri!
    You're a hoot!

  2. Oh Sheri, You are one "cool ghoul"!!!

    Loved the videos!!

  3. OMG, Sheri! These are too funny! What would we do without you? Thanks for the laughs.

  4. Very cool, Sheri! Want a picture of me in my Communion veil, lol? Somehow I'm thinking that won't work too well in a Halloween video. I still can't believe we had the very same veils. I picked mine out myself. Did you?