07 November 2011

Thank You Flip Pal Fairy Godmother and an Apology to the UPS Man

The fine people at Flip Pal have revealed the names of the genealogy bloggers selected to participate in SIMPLE GIFTS - A BLOG HOP that will run from November 4 to November 25, 2011 using the Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner.

There were 7 bloggers selected and they are all wonderful choices!

Drusilla Pair
Find Your Folks

I just love this photo of Professor Dru!

Marian Pierre-Louis

          Marian's Roots and Rambles

Caroline Pointer

For Your Family Story

Heather Wilkinson Rojo

Nutfield Genealogy

Nancy Shively

Gathering Stories

Julie Cahill Tarr


Each of these ladies has a style so uniquely their own and I can't wait to see what they bring to the gift creating table. I am so thrilled to have been chosen as one of seven genealogy bloggers to receive a Flip Pal for evaluation and to  take part in the challenge to create simple gifts and holiday decorations using the scanner.

One of the requirements of participating in this Blog-Hop is to document my adventures with the Flip Pal.  Well my adventure began even before it arrived at my house.  Here's the story: 

  My neighborhood has its own regular UPS Delivery Man or so I have been told by those who have actually seen him.  This guy is a Ninja and his usual M.O. is this:  He usually will show up before noon.  I can hear that truck when it's 3 blocks away and  I start to sprint down the hallway towards the front door.  I only make it halfway when I hear the doorbell ring - one long, two short and one long - that's the UPS Ninja's morse code notifying me that there is a package on my porch.  By the time I get to the door, all I can see is the white smoke blowing out the truck's tailpipe and the faint grinding of gears as the Ninja makes his getaway.  

So . . . after I was notified that my Flip Pal was on its way to me, I used my mathematical skills to calculate  the  ETA  of the UPS truck pulling up in front of my house.  I filled a thermos with coffee, grabbed my sleeping bag, my netbook and my camera and set up camp under the stairs of my front porch.  I was able to get one photo before I crawled out from under the stairs.  It seems that I scared the bejeesus out of the guy when I came our whooping and hollering with my camera.  He tossed me the box, got back in his truck, slammed the door shut AND locked it!  Some Ninja he turned out to be, scared of a crazy lady doing a happy dance on the porch.

I'll bet that his Fairy Godmother looks like this:

I'll be back to share more of my adventure later this week!


  1. We all love hearing about your adventures!!

  2. I was wondering what this simple gifts - Blog Hop was! How fun. I too received a Flip-Pal for evaluation and to share its genealogy worth, but I'm looking forward to all of your posts so that I can share with my audiences. (I share the flip-pal functionality at presentations.) Flip Pal has really embraced the genealogy community, and it looks like they chose 7 creative people to promote their Blog Hop!

  3. Sheri, you certainly keep me laughing! Love your blog posts.

  4. hahahahahahaha This is hysterical!! Love it and now I want to scare my guy too. But, he comes so often we are on a first name basis, and what if he wouldn't come back.

  5. Sheri, You crack me up. I can just visualize all of this going down. The poor UPS guy had no clue what he was in for!

  6. Mega congrats to you, Sheri, on being selected. I know you will not only put your Flip Pal through its paces, but bring a few chuckles for your readers in the process. And keep your fairy godmother flying to keep up!

  7. LOL! I think the UPS guys must go through ninja training. Congrats on getting the Flip-Pal! I covet from afar.

  8. Well, this adventure has started out fun before it even began. I can't wait for the rest of it...

  9. I can't wait to see how you use your Flip-Pal. It will definitely be creative....

  10. I had surgery earlier today to remove kidney stones. I am playing catch up with my google reader tonight. My husband just told me to stop laughing so I don't hurt myself. Thank you for the wonderful post & making my day even happier!

  11. Yup, they ring and run here, too. Never have seen a overweight UPS man, it is not allowed. Thanks for the laugh.

  12. Hmm, come to think of it our UPS guys are pretty fit here in AZ too. I see them do their ring and run act regularly however as my office window looks out at the walk to the front door.

  13. Sheri, you're too funny. The arrival of my Flip Pal was also interesting, although no to the degree as yours. Will tell that story later.