07 May 2011

SNGF - Who's The Mommy Scavenger Hunt

Randy Seaver has tailored his Saturday Night Genealogy Fun in honor of Mother's Day.  Our mission, should we choose to accept it:

1)  For each person listed below, provide the name of the mother of the person and the genea-blogger to whom they are related. Easy, eh?

a) Lois Velleda Dreher  - Her mother is Irene Caroline Banet.  The genea-blogger is Cyndi Beane and her blog is Mountain Genealogists

b) Mary Philomene Laurent - Her mother is Olivine Marie St. Louis.  The genea-blogger is Brian Zalewski and his blog is Zalewski Family Genealogy

c) Ernest Francis Sheern - His mother is Ann Emily Leseure.  The genea-blogger is ME!

d) Cecelia Jost  - Her mother is Cecilia Kurta.  The genea-blogger is Amy Coffin and her blog is We Tree Genealogy Blog

e) Mary Jane Sovereen - Her mother is Eliza Putman.  The genea-blogger is Randy Seaver and his blog is GeneaMusings

f) Bethiah Brigham  - Her mother is Anne Richardson.  The genea-blogger is Elyse Doerflinger and her blog is Elyse's Genealogy Blog

Great fun Seaver!  


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