22 May 2011

Doublemint Twins?

Over at Facebook, the author of West In New England - Bill West - suggested that since it is the season for graduations why not upload a photo from your graduation for your profile.

Well I have been meaning to put a different photo of myself up for quite some time now.  This was as good of a reason as any.  On my computer, I found what I thought were 3 photos of me in a cap and gown.  First, this one:

Then I found this one:

And then this one . .  WAIT, that's not me - that is my mother!!

OMG - My Mother and I could be twins!

So what's in your wallet?  Any graduation photos you'd like to share of yourself????  Come on - I showed you mine.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, you could be. What I liked best is the GREAT smile you both have!