25 May 2011

You Can Call Him Al

A huge "Shout Out" and my undying gratitude to Al Chilcote, a volunteer photographer over at FindAGrave.com.   Al went beyond the call of duty to take a photograph of my grandfather's headstone. The cemetery where he is buried - Los Gatos Memorial Park in Santa Clara County, California - apparently does not have a user friendly numbering system when it comes to locating the gravesites. Al went back 3 times before he finally had success.  

His bio over at Find A Grave says that Al is 80 years old, involved with photography over 50 years and genealogy for 20 years.  It is because of people like Al Chilcote the world is a better place to live in.


  1. Add my voice in appreciation for volunteers like Al. You are fortunate, lucky, blessed and deserving. You must have done something good!