20 March 2011

SNGF - Genea-Smithing

Saturday night at Randy Seaver's place is where all the cool  genea-kids go to have fun with his weekly Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.

Yes, I realize it's Sunday morning.  I'm still there,  trying to come up with something for the Geneadictionary.

Here is this week's challenge:

Your mission, should you decide to accept it (and, really folks, turnout has been pretty light these last two weeks) - is to:

1)  Recall that some genealogists love to make up new words to define what we do or where we are... we want to make a"Genealogisms Dictionary" so that we all understand what we're writing about.

2)  Make up one or more words that deal with some aspect of genealogy - they could start with genea- or ancest- or end with -ology (we don't care), and then define the word for us.  

Well I must have lost my Mojo or something because my brain  can't come up with anything.  I did find a few geneabloggers who played along and their creations are simply Brilliant!

Chris Staats of Staats Place came up with these gems -

ancestor:  A person from whom you descend and have been able to find and document in a number of reliable sources

bastard:  A person from whom you descend and are unable to find and document in any record whatsoever Ex. “I can’t find that bastard anywhere!”

consanguinity:  A drink served at the genea-bar

emigration:  Leaving one courthouse office to go to another that promises more opportunity

Caroline Gurney of Caro's Family Chronicles  had these offerings.  I especially like the second one - 

Samerology - copying someone else's family tree

The Evidencia - professional genealogy mafia, over concerned with the placement of commas

My roommate from Samford IGHR, Tina Sansone of Gtownma's Genealogy had a couple of the cleverest ones by far -

GeneaESM: to source everything.

Geneacertifirepetionist: someone who keeps attempting to get their genealogy certification.

Go visit all their blogs for more witticisms.  Oh and by the way, did you catch Randy's admonishment regarding the recent lack of regular participation for SNGF?  Well go and show him some genea-love and submit your contributions to the Genea-dictionary.  Either post them on your blog or in the comments sections of his.

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