13 March 2011

Nothing Says "First Sunday of Lent" like . . .

Nothing says "First Sunday of Lent"  like . . 

an aisle full of Easter candy at your local drug store.

I remember, oh about a hundred years ago when I was a little girl walking down an aisle just like the one in the photo.  For Catholic school girls like me, it was pure torture knowing that it would be 40 long days and nights before sugar like that passed through my lips.

There wasn't a whole  lot of things back then  we could give up for Lent that would be truly devastating, um . . I mean self-sacrificing.  

In the end, the payoff was worth  it.  Easter baskets, Easter Bonnets and new Easter Dresses - the stuff little girls dream of.

And how did you celebrate Easter back in the olden days?


  1. Fenley, I didn't know you were Catholic. explains a lot...

    My Easter memories of olden times? A good topic for Genealogy Fun, I think. I remember trying to steal candy from the 5 and 10 store...and getting caught. Other years we had big Easter egg hunts in the back yard.

    Hugs -- Seaver

  2. You were on a real roll this past weekend, Sheri Doll! Only a few weeks till Easter and all that c-c-c-candy! ;-)